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edgeofinfinity asked: your blog is awesome those anon motherfuckers can eat a dick

Thank you.

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to point out that as interesting as your post on Gary Heidnik is it mentions "his mildly retarded accomplice Cyril Richardson" Cyril wasn't his accomplise. The news came out quickly he made up his involvement was never there during the crimes and just wanted attention. He was inncent , just retarded. So as interesting as your piece was it was wrong on it's facts and that is a fact that any google search would have quickly shown.

Do you honestly think I have enough time to go through each and everyone one of my posts and see if every detail is absolutely correct? You’re sadly mistaken. I do not write the posts so I try my best to find good, credible sources but unfortunately, it does not happen every time.

Honestly, this is the type of crap that gets on my nerves and one of those times where I wonder if keeping this blog is even a good idea. I’ve gone through these annoying “expectations” from followers countless times and I’m fed up with it. I don’t have time for your bullshit.

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Sometimes, not often.

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I have been a bit inactive as of late. Some personal things have come up and I don’t want to discontinue the blog, but I was wondering if anyone would like to help me maintain it? This would include finding interesting content (sourced), photos, links, answering questions, etc., as often as possible. Ideally everyday or every two days. Your name/blog will be on the description. Essentially you will be another author/moderator. If you’re interested, please send me a message. Thanks.


Prosthetic arms, early 20th century


Gruselkabinett - Berlin, Germany

This ivy-covered Berlin warehouse may look abandoned from the outside, but the Gruselkabinett is steeped in both history and horror. 

Built in 1943 this large bunker building was originally meant to connect to an underground supply rail while troops waited out bombardment. Constructed out of thick concrete walls the bunker did not get to see much action as the war ended a scant few years later, but the building remained and today the three floors of the fortress are an odd mix of historic exhibit and Halloween spook show.

The first floor of the complex houses the bunker museum. This display features clippings, photos, and other ephemera from World War II era, and the many of the spare furnishings also remain giving visitors a sense of what bunker life would have been like. The second floor begins to get more gruesome with a multi-room exhibition on medicine and torture throughout the ages including displays regarding amputation, cannibalism, and animal-to-human blood transfusions. By the third floor gives up any educational pretense and simply contains a year-round haunted house with black light rooms and jump scares.

World War II history and cheap scares might be a pretty strange fit but it is one war museum where they wear their horrors on their bloody sleeve.

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This picture was taken by Photographer Oren Jeffries while he was exploring some un-mapped area of the Grand Caverns(Virginia). Jeffries liked to use long exposure technique to catch anything without any light what so ever. While he was setting up for his snaps, he heard something in the distance which spooked him. He set off one of his Blitzlicht flashes he used for taking traditional photos underground and ran. In a later interview he gave to a local newspaper, he said that he saw “humanoid” figures looking back at him. A few days after that he went back with a few friends to retreive his box camera which had this picture recorded inside of it.

lana-22 asked: Hi! Did you delete your other blog? The one where you posted short horror stories? I can't find it in my "following" list and I really enjoyed it? HALP!

I’m sorry, I don’t know which blog you’re referring to. I don’t remembering making a blog for short horror stories?


Two ladies in mourning dresses

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Belgian serial killer Marc Dutroux pictured shortly after he escaped custody, he was subsequently caught within a matter of hours. Dutroux murdered four children, his victims ages ranging from 8 to 19, and also committed multiple kidnappings, rapes and sexual assaults that did not result in death. During 1996-1998, when his case was gaining the most exposure, a third of Belgians who shared the surname ‘Dutroux’ petitioned to have it changed, due to the overwhelming infamy that now surrounded it. 

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Maroussi Cemetery (Athens, Greece)

A lot of people claim to have seen a crying girl outside of the cemetery at Maroussi, as they pass with their cars. When they try to see that little girl again using the car’s mirror, the little girl is not there. Some people say that her name was Anna.

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This photo from shows what appears to be a forlorn looking child staring out the window of Savannah’s famously haunted home at 432 Abercorn Street. Legend has it a girl died in the house after her father tied her to a chair and left her to die of heat exhaustion.