Russian women and children recently liberated from a German concentration camp lay flowers at the bodies of 4 dead American soldiers. Russian eye witnesses reported the Americans were slain by German officers after they surrendered - Hilden Germany 1945

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Naturaleza Humana by Juan Carlos Amorrortu

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Anonymous asked: Thanks for your response. I didn't even realise there was a debate about it, as every paranormal show I've seen is always pushing the orb thing. After looking into it, I'm pretty sure it was just dust or something in my pics, as they were pics of new furniture and floorboards, both of which would unsettle anything in the environment. Thanks for leading me to learn something new about the paranormal. :)

No problem. Yeah.. unfortunately most paranormal shows/investigators do persistently bring up the subject of orbs like it’s the absolute truth. I think they do it for the sake of keeping the subject alive (even while it continues to be debunked), which I disagree with. You don’t need people to believe in orbs to keep them interested in the paranormal more than they already are. I think it would work more in their favor to be honest with their viewers. But I digress! Any other questions let me know and enjoy your new furniture! xo

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm not sure if you can help me, but is there any way to tell the difference between light refraction on a lens and orbs? We have a new camera and have recently taken photos in our house in different rooms, and there have been what appears to be orbs in some of the photos. It's never happened before, so I'm thinking it's the camera, but I'm still a little freaked by it.

Don’t be too freaked out. As much as I love the paranormal and do believe in spirits, I don’t believe they manifest themselves in orbs. Orbs are a photographic artifact created by environmental and mechanical camera effects. There is countless data disproving them as evidence of life after death; it simply can’t be ignored. 

A Hand of Glory is the dried or pickled (and usually the left, or “sinister”) hand of a hanged criminal. This (purported) H.O.G. resides at the Whitby Museum in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England.

In Italian catacombs young girls or women that died a virgin would be buried with a crown to denote their purity. (It is believed that the practice died out in the 1920s).

Giulio Casserio e Odoardo Fialetti, 1627

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Alvdans - XIII (I & II) 
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Hans Bellmer, best known for his assemblage pre-pubescent life sized dolls and surrealist photography offers grotesque yet beautiful imagery that leaves the viewer fascinated and disturbed at the same time. Bellmer’s work is said to have been inspired from meeting his pre-pubescent cousin, who was a good deal younger than he. Bellmer’s work deals with female beauty and sexualization.

Her eyes - white as pearls - appeared before me,
Her arms hard as stones, from the weight not of tone, so suddenly grasped my weathered heart.
But as she went so did she go.
Like moving mountains and black as dirt.


Truly I have lost weight, I have lost weight,
grown lean in love’s defense,
in love’s defense grown grave.
It was concupiscence that brought me to the state:
all bone and a bit of skin
to keep the bone within.
Flesh is no heavy burden for one possessed of little
and accustomed to its loss.
I lean to love, which leaves me lean, till lean turn into lack.
A wanton bone, I sing my song
and travel where the bone is blown
and extricate true love from lust
as any man of wisdom must.
Then wherefore should I rage
against this pilgrimage
from gravel unto gravel?
Circuitous I travel
from love to lack / and lack to lack,
from lean to lack
and back.

Jack Foley, The Skeleton’s Defense of Carnality