From - Little Girl Ghost - “If you ever want to investigate a really creepy place you have to check out Nevada City Ghost Town in Montana. When we investigated this old town we found out that there are only 13 building that are original to the site. This house was the home of Mr Sedham, (spelling could be wrong) and it was moved from another town and placed in Nevada City to protect its historical value. Little did they know that they had brought a member of this family with the house. There are numerous accounts of people who have visited this old town seeing this little girl standing outside the home and seeing her in the house as well.

While investigating this house Russ and his team were in the children’s room doing an evp session and kept hearing noises in the next room. Russ took this photo and captured this shadow of a little girl watching them and also at the same time captured three separate evps of a small girls voice speaking to them. She is definitely interactive with anyone who wants to talk to her. Russ and my impressions both were that she had died of small pox at approximately the age of 8-10 yrs of age. The communication we had with her was actually very sad. I hate it when a child is stuck but did not have the time that night to spend trying to convince her to cross over. This is the only photo we captured of her during our investigation. I do know someone that did capture a photo of her standing on the porch of the house during this woman’s visit to Nevada City. Her photo is so amazing, you would think that the little girl is real but often people who have seen her often say she looks like a real girl, not see through. I believe it, this child has some great energy and will definitely make the hair on your arms stand up. Oh yes, the impressions we got from her is historically correct according to what they know of the house. One more thing about the photo is that the window showing the little girl is an enlarged version of the photo but if you look to the left through the doorway you can easily see her as well. Also for you skeptics, we did have it analyzed by a professional photo lab and also we went back and tried to recreate it but couldn’t so there is no explanation.”

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